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Alice In Wonderland 2021 NEW VENUE

ITS HERE!! Mark Daniel’s School of Magic is perfect for ages 8-14, so will fit in perfectly for schools and birthday parties where Mark’s regular magic show may be a little too young for them.

Watch as Mark performs amazing sleight of hand and stage magic with cards, rope, coins, cups and balls - then teaches YOU how to do them.

Become an apprentice wizard in just 2 hours!

Not only is learning magic fun, its also a very powerful tool for expressing creativity in children, making it ideal for classrooms.

Magic has been made more popular than ever with movies such as ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘The Illusionist’, and TV programmes like ‘Penn and Teller Fool Us’ and ‘The Magicians’.

Let the kids be a real part of the magic, whilst learning a fantastic new skill at the same time! Book Mark Daniel’s School of Magic for your next event! All equipment is provided and the apprentices can take some of it home with them! Best for groups of around 20 children.


Contact us for more information and to book.

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